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So what is Forex and why do some people want to learn to trade forex?

Forex or Foreign Exchange is the worldwide market for the trading of currencies. Recognised as the largest market in the world, by order of volume, the foreign exchange market was originally setup to accommodate the large international banks exchanging different currencies by setting the value of each currency being traded.

As the forex market grew informed individuals discovered it was possible to take advantage of foreign currency fluctuations by buying and selling currencies based on their “informed” estimation of future currency values. This in turn led to a new industry of educating those interested in forex trading by experienced forex traders. Journey To 1000 Pips is one of the the most respected forex trading educators in the foreign exchange industry.

Our successful traders include stay at home mums, teachers, mortgage brokers, trades people, engineers, truck drivers, farmers and a wide variety of people from all over the country. With Journey to 1000 Pips you will Learn at your own pace with our comprehensive, hands-on step-by-step training course which offers ongoing back up and 100% support.

You’ll learn to develop an income anywhere you have access to the internet…at home, at the beach, even while overseas! Its’ perfect for anyone who may be heading into retirement, or looking to transition from a full-time job to working from home. No overheads, no staff headaches, no selling and no limit on your earning potential. And just wait till you read our testimonials! We will provide you with all the skills, strategies, mentoring and support that may give you an income for life if you choose to take action. Get in touch by filling out the form below.


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