Hi Phil, we are so excited!!

But before we share why.... we want to take the opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the education you have put our way over the past 12 months.

(Yes, it is just 12 months ago that we first heard of Journey to 1,000 Pips!)

After some initial trepidation and fear of the unknown, and a large dose of procrastination.... then frustration because of the shortcomings of working away from an office with a secure internet connection.... being cooped up in a truck cabin 80 hours per week often 1500 kms from home, then despondency because I (Cliff) lost most of our $500 live trading account, after getting it up to
$750.... we want to now share some great news.

Phil, despite your advice not to trade over Xmas and have a break, I (Cliff) having had some time off from driving the truck (not much time mind!) decided to go all out and concentrate simply on the AUDUSD and put what I had learnt the hard way into practice.

As we sit here (at the end of Xmas week) our heads are still spinning.

Despite it being a holiday week, and with only $100 left in our trading account at the beginning of Xmas week... we are writing to advise that this morning (at the end of the same week) our trading account has hit a very healthy $16,335.08.... with only one floating trade left open in the market at around - $400

I took $5000 from another account, started with that and we basically turned $5000 into $16000 in virtually no time!!

In 31 trades during the Xmas holiday week, I (Cliff) lost just $15.16 (on 2 trades I deliberately closed out early) and in 29 positive trades during the week the trading account at the end of the week looks VERY healthy.

What a wonderful Xmas present... I would have had to drive 23,614.58 kilometers in the truck (over a period of at least 5 weeks) in order to earn that type of coin ordinarily.

And do you know what is so cool about this Phil.... ?
I am using my IPhone MT4 App to do all this while I am working.... so I do not even need my computer.
I can do it all on the IPhone/IPad while I am travelling, pulling over into Truck Stops to take, adjust and close trades.

So.... once again .....THANK YOU Phil!

We have already paid ourselves by taking 2/3rds of the trading account and invested it elsewhere, and will continue trading with our profits now.... just concentrating on the AUDUSD.

Trusting everybody had a great Xmas and here is to next year bringing great changes in all our lives.

Cliff and Nicky
Brisbane, Qld
Journey Members

- Cliff and Nicky York, Brisbane Qld

- Carol, Sydney

"I’m a tradie and not a writer so I’m going to try as best I can to put my experience with the Journey into my own words. I currently run a Pressure Cleaning Business and have done so for as long as I can remember and truth be told, I’m over it.

So I went looking for something that I could do from Home as I’m not getting any younger but obviously I wanted something legit and profitable. I couldn’t believe the amount of rubbish type get rich quick schemes I came across on the internet.

I finally found The Journey and I agreed to write this testimonial when I was asked for the following reasons.

First of all it was a nice change to hear in my very first discussion with Bernard that the programme isn’t a get rich quick scheme and that it would require time, effort and commitment before the money started to flow.

Secondly it was also a relief to know that once I handed over my money I didn’t get dropped like a hot potato unlike some “opportunities” I have had dealings with in the past. The service I have received from the small but efficient Journey staff has been spot on. The team spirit among Journey members means that you’re never on your own which in the beginning put me at ease as I had no idea how Currency Trading worked.

Thirdly, there has been no misrepresentation and no nasty surprises and lastly, the strategies and methods taught by Phillipe truly work!

If they didn’t, then my partner Tracy wouldn’t be making plans to quit her job later this year and I wouldn’t be putting my pressure cleaning business on the market next year.

The webinars run by Phillipe are something I really look forward to every week and the new scanning software has made trading simpler than ever before.

All I can say to you is that I’m stoked that I’m a part of this programme.

However you have to be real with yourself if you are seriously considering doing this. You won’t join, sit in front of your computer and then the coin comes gushing out.

Only if you listen and apply what is being taught on the webinars, put it into practice and give yourself the time to understand it all, then there should be no reason why it can’t work for you too.

Your other choice might be to buy some hyped up get rich quick gambling deal which looks great until you join and before you know it you realise that you’ve just blown your dough.

Anyway, whether you join the Journey or not is up to you. All I can say is that I’m glad that I did."

- Anthony Barnes, Brisbane Qld

- Alana, Queensland, Australia

"As a single Mum working full time and raising my two children, the last thing I needed was some kind of get rich quick scheme which didn’t work.(I've been there before) But I did want something that would give me my life back.

I can honestly say that The Journey has been everything that was promised and more. I have been given the help and guidance to help me through not only in the early training period but throughout the whole journey so far, the support & guidance that I have received has been phenomenal, and most importantly, help is only a phone call or email away.

The knowledge I have gained with the Journey is something that I will pass on to my children to help them get set up for life. Phillipe the Senior Trainer is an incredibly wise and patient teacher who is as passionate about helping others succeed as he is about his own trading.

It’s obvious that he is someone who truly loves and believes in what he teaches. I would however say that it will take effort, commitment and patience if you want to succeed in this endeavor.

It’s a business and as a business it needs to be treated as such.

Providing you do that, the sky is the limit."

- Sharryn Black, Wollongong NSW

“When I was first contacted by Bernard from Journey to 1000 Pips I thought, is this guy for real, he seems way too excited and this made me feel a little skeptical but upon joining and weeks after seeing no change in Bernard’s enthusiasm I could tell how much he believed in Journey to 1000 pips and Phil.

After being part of the group for over a year now I understand and feel this same way. I joined with the intention of creating a little extra money on the side but now see this can and will replace my job and free up my time so I can live a much better life.

This is not easy money, at least not at first. It will take time to learn everything needed and there will be times where it would seem easier to give up but once you push through this with Phil’s guidance you will see how easy it really is.

With all the info on the members section of the website, the webinars and especially from Phillipe, you can succeed and like me, be making 1 to 2% of your capital every day.

I recommend everyone I know or meet to join Journey to 1000 Pips that’s how much I believe in Phillipe and the Journey to 1000 Pips team”

- Ballarat Victoria, Brad Togni

"I just wanted to let you know that you guys certainly live up to the name. I totally feel part of the journey. More than that I feel part of the family (so to speak) and it's really refreshing to come across people who take the time and actually care and give feedback relevant to me and where I’m at on the journey.

As a result I feel I am being looked after and nurtured and not a cog in a machine.

The effort Phil, Colette and you put into answering my questions and the fact that you keep in touch to see how I’m progressing just adds to all that.

It’s really impressive. Thanks. I’m loving this."

- Nigel Collin, Sydney, NSW

I joined The Journey to 1000 pips nearly a year ago and what a ride it's been! Being from a farming background I knew next to nothing about the forex market but felt it would be a challenge to learn to trade currencies and make some money!

I was very nervous as my computer skills where quite basic to say the least but was assured by the team that my skills would get me by and they were 100% right!

They have been amazing!

There has never been a time when I have been left without support.

If you are contemplating taking on this challenge the only thing you need is the determination to succeed.

All the help and backup is there, the rest is up to you.

- Christopher Atkinson, Tamworth NSW

I met Phillipe around 3 years ago when I first joined the programme. It's as simple as this: Joining Phillipe is a complete package; more than I had ever expected. He is a talented trader growing day by day and an inspiring, practical and knowledgeable teacher.

Being on Phillipe's programme will not only equip you to become the excellent trader you allow yourself to become, you too will learn so much about yourself as a person which is a surprising and wonderful added bonus.

One of Phillipe's goals is to take each student under his wing to be the best trader possible and he does this by giving us the tools and knowledge we need; as well as by genuinely and caringly assisting anyone who needs the added attention with an open heart.

Starting as a trader can be a daunting experience and with Phillipe being so approachable makes it a journey worth pursuing.

- Carolann Bristol, Sydney NSW

Journey to 1000 Pips. My journey thus far. For me this all started with a phone call from Bernard. Bernard went into some detail about Journey to 1000 pips and to be honest, even though my curiosity peaked, I fobbed him off to a later date.

He called again at the later date as he promised and explained in more detail what was involved, from the support, the training, the Webinars and how you can practice on a demo account. Yep, I fobbed him off again being the skeptic that I am. I have to give Bernard his due; he always followed up when he said he would. If I said give me a few weeks, he would, a month, he did, and he always said, if I decided I didn't want to give it a go, then let's just leave it. Every time I was contacted it was because I said, call me in a few weeks. This went on for a few of months until my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to give it a go.

I joined the Journey to 1000 Pips in March 2014 and Collette called me and via Team Viewer, helped me set up the trading platform. I thought, how good this is, someone showing me what to do on my own computer, as well as talking to me through the set up of the platform.

Then Phillipe, Senior Trainer, contacted me by email and added me to a group on Facebook where we can all see what is happening in the group. The next night was my first Webinar where you log in and can see Phillipe's screen as he starts the training. This is where you learn all the jargon, the structures, the strategies needed to make Trading work. I must say for the first few Webinars the Forex jargon did my head in but the more I watched, the more I learnt and the more exciting it became.

Now to Phillipe. This is a person I have the utmost respect for He has the knack of teaching and leads by example and this certainly shows in his webinars. His sayings bring fun to the learning. He is steadfast on the rules and strategies he teaches, as without them it would be a gamble. If problems, challenges, frustrations arise, I fire off an email, or if it's in relation to the webinar showing, I ask the question and he will answer.

I love the webinar teachings as it is, to a degree, interactive instead of researching one's own material from websites as a primary method of learning. (Although a bit of research also goes a long way).

In closing, for me I have been in the Journey now for a few of months and still have a way to go. I still look forward to the webinars for more learning. For me, what started off as a curiosity has now become a hobby with the potential to become a lot more. I can now see the power of what is on offer here! As someone once said to me, where else can you try a business proposal and work for an extended period of time on a demo account until you’re happy to give it your best shot !

Great Journey, Great people, fantastic training and support! Glad I embarked on this Journey, in a short time I can see the phenomenal power of what Journey to 1000 Pips has to offer.

For the reasonable outlay the potential rewards are numerous. Wish I had joined earlier.

- Les Reid, Melbourne Vic


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