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Currency Trading is a very reliable method for generating a consistent, profitable income – but only if you use tried and true systems, tested strategies and strict best practice blueprints to lead you to this success. We give members the access they require to the tools necessary to make this all happen, and it can all be done from the comfort of their own home.

For new currency traders, the road to success can be long and difficult without the help of expert traders, as well as other traders to offer guidance and support. Journey to 1000 Pips offers members this – we’re there for all members throughout their currency trading journey.

This includes several different support vehicles, like interactive webinars, phone support, tech support, a private Face book group offering trade suggestions, member feedback and motivation as well as ongoing training as needed.

Unlike larger, more divided companies, Journey to 1000 Pips consists of a small, tight knit group of traders who support and guide each other under the direction of PhillipeCarlier, master Forex trader. Under Phillipe, all team members help everyday people succeed at currency trading.

Because of the tight knit environment, all members are akin to family to all of us. Everyone gets individualized attention, meaning no one gets lost in the crowd. This is one reason our testimonials consist of so many rave reviews.

We give fledgling currency traders exactly what they’re looking for – support in a comfortable environment headed by experts.

Journey to 1000 Pips also takes price into consideration. The common person can’t afford to break the bank learning how to trade currency, so our package prices are reasonably priced to fit any budget.

Exactly what anyone who wants to get out of learning Forex trading: making as much money as they can with as little risk as possible.

Because of the individualization involved with Forex trading, it’s impossible to give concrete income projections.

We’re how you go from spending 9 to 5 at the office to working from home. How you turn your stressful work shifts into free time spent at home doing what you love.

Journey to 1000 Pips is possibly how you change your life. Find out how by filling in the form below.


Learn more about what Journey to 1000 Pips members have to say:

  • “I took $5000 from another account, started with that and we basically turned $5000 into $16000 in virtually no time!”
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    Cliff and Nicky York

  • “The service I have received from the small but efficient Journey staff has been spot on. The team spirit among Journey members means that you’re never on your own which in the beginning put me at ease as I had no idea how Currency Trading worked.”
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    Anthony Barnes

  • “I can honestly say that The Journey has been everything that was promised and more.”
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    Sharryn Black

  • “I joined [Journey to 1000 Pips with the intention of creating a little extra money on the side but now see this can and will replace my job and free up my time so I can live a much better life.”
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    Ballarat Victoria

  • “…it's really refreshing to come across people who take the time and actually care and give feedback relevant to me and where I’m at on the journey.”
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    Nigel Collin

  • “They have been amazing! There has never been a time when I have been left without support.”
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    Christopher Atkinson

  • “Joining Phillipe is a complete package; more than I had ever expected. He is a talented trader growing day by day and an inspiring, practical and knowledgeable teacher.”
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    Carolann Bristol

  • “Great Journey, Great people, fantastic training and support! Glad I embarked on this Journey, in a short time I can see the phenomenal power of what Journey to 1000 Pips has to offer.”
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    Les Reid


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