Giving Back

Education is the key to eradicating global poverty, and yet poverty is a problem that’s harder to solve than it seems. Bettering the world is a massive task, but it’s one that’s doable if we all offer it our help.

Our contribution to eliminating poverty is sponsoring disadvantaged Australian students with help from The Smith Family’s “Learning for Life” program. Here, members can both donate money and/or sponsor one of the 638,000 children living in jobless families.

We understand that students who are underprivileged typically need help throughout their life when it comes to education. Thus, Journey to 1000 Pips is in for the long haul. A child’s education requires a commitment of at least 12 years in order to give them a full, prosperous school experience.

Through our support, students will be able to afford the supplies and essentials needed to perform to the best of their abilities at school. This is how they make the most of their education and break the cycle of poverty.

We at Journey to 1000 Pips have been fortunate enough to be blessed with numerous advantages and opportunities. Through giving back, we give these same opportunities to those who need it most.

Forex Education Australia
Forex Education Australia
Forex Education Australia


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