The Forex market is open 24 hours a day 5 days a week. It is the most liquid market on the planet.

When trading is conducted in a considered and measured approach, it can create lucrative money making opportunities.

If done recklessly without following a set of rules and instructions it can, like any business be counterproductive and costly.

Like anything new, to be profitable the correct skills have to be learned and like anything worth doing it takes time to learn those skills.

Be realistic in your expectations and the time frame required to achieve them.

Besides the investment in education, the exciting thing with Forex that most people do not appreciate is that the majority of the learning curve can take place on a practise or demo account.

What this means, is you can make sure you are doing everything as correctly as possible and being profitable before trading with live money.

Training on a demo account allows you to be as prepared as possible for a live account without risking $$ during the initial learning curve. And, when you do start trading live you can actually start trading with as little as $200!!

That is entirely up to the individual, as a training company our commitment to you is to provide all the knowledge, training, tools and support required to be successful.

Yet like anything worth doing it will take some time to learn what is required. From our experience it is the people who want it bad enough regardless of their background that generally have the highest success rate.

Approximately 50% of our members are unable to attend the live webinars due to other commitments. All the webinars are recorded and once uploaded are available for viewing in the member’s area of the website 24/7.

A basic ability to use a computer is required. If you are able to receive and answer emails, surf the web and do the basics you should be fine. Part of our service is the set up and installation of the charts and platform on member’s computers. So help is there for you when you need it.


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