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Phillipe Carlier

Journey to 1000 Pips is the brain child of Forex Trader and Educator Phillipe Carlier. Through Phillipe's own struggles and perseverance to become a consistent and profitable trader he realized that there were certain elements that distinguished successful traders from unsuccessful traders.

One roadblock new traders face is a large learning curve. After realizing just how long it would take these fledgling Forex traders to get to his level of Forex success, he decided there must be a way to shorten this timespan while still keeping all valuable knowledge and experiences intact.

Thus, The Journey was born.

Putting himself on the front line with personalized email response, one on one training when required, interactive webinars and market analysis, Phillipe is taking his years of experience and leading by example.

Phillipe has also created a number of proprietary trading tools, initially designed to make his own trading decisions quicker and easier that are now available to members. In reality, new traders are finding these simple yet effective tools are taking years off the normal learning curve.

Other credits include a nod from Nigel Collins, author of the business book “The Game of Inches.” Nigel interviewed Phillipe as well as 79 other Australian entrepreneurs for his book on business success, achievements and processes.

Phil Phillipe CarlierForex Trader and Educator

The Rest of the Journey Team

Together, we are a team of currency traders that focus on working together to educate, inspire and support each other to bigger and better things. We utilize tried and proven methods to capture trades that have the potential to make the most money and we’ve put all of this into a comprehensive training programme built on many years of experience and sound foundations.


Learn more about what Journey to 1000 Pips members have to say:

  • “I took $5000 from another account, started with that and we basically turned $5000 into $16000 in virtually no time!”
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    Cliff and Nicky York

  • “The service I have received from the small but efficient Journey staff has been spot on. The team spirit among Journey members means that you’re never on your own which in the beginning put me at ease as I had no idea how Currency Trading worked.”
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    Anthony Barnes

  • “I can honestly say that The Journey has been everything that was promised and more.”
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    Sharryn Black

  • “I joined [Journey to 1000 Pips with the intention of creating a little extra money on the side but now see this can and will replace my job and free up my time so I can live a much better life.”
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    Ballarat Victoria

  • “…it's really refreshing to come across people who take the time and actually care and give feedback relevant to me and where I’m at on the journey.”
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    Nigel Collin

  • “They have been amazing! There has never been a time when I have been left without support.”
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    Christopher Atkinson

  • “Joining Phillipe is a complete package; more than I had ever expected. He is a talented trader growing day by day and an inspiring, practical and knowledgeable teacher.”
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    Carolann Bristol

  • “Great Journey, Great people, fantastic training and support! Glad I embarked on this Journey, in a short time I can see the phenomenal power of what Journey to 1000 Pips has to offer.”
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    Les Reid


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